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Castle House was designed and built to provide light, cool, modern comfort with honestly practical security in a classical reception style home suited to the long-term ownership.    

The house would suit a large family with extended vacation time, or for one living fulltime at Kilifi. 

The house extends 450 sq m. and stands facing southeast on a lovely secure 2-acre plot with a 50m beach frontage. The back of the plot is about 50m from the Bofa Road and the location is almost perfectly convenient, being exactly one mile from town in the VIP area. (This area has the slight advantage of decently smooth roads and rather more reliable electricity and phone supply.)
The plot is comfortably secure, being bounded with a wall which is covered mainly in superb Bougainvillea, making it effectively impregnable.  

There is an underground boat-house directly beneath the front lawn. This is accessed by a road sized tunnel which also provides the security access from the plot down to the beach. 

The circular gravel driveway leads to an area for easy parking in the shade of beautifully pruned Neem trees in front of the main house. 

The house comprises portico, entrance hall, cloakroom, expansive and inviting reception area, sitting room, full sized snooker room, four or five bedrooms depending on the owner’s needs, all ‘en-suite’, two large verandahs, two offices, large kitchen and pantry, and a basement wine cellar. There is direct access to the roof via a spiral stair in one tower. (One bedroom is downstairs, adjacent to the kitchen, and proportioned intentionally for an elderly person or wheelchair user.) 

All bedrooms are proportioned for tallboy wardrobes, and to be properly furnished, but the house includes two large airing cupboards as well for linen and household items storage etc. 
The kitchen is designed to be used either by staff alone, by the owners alone, or both.  

The construction of the house is massive, with over-thick walls. All materials and wiring are to European standards.   All fittings are of highest quality.  All flooring is porcelain, Windows and doors are all seasoned African Iroko, which is very similar to teak. 

The house has uninterrupted views up and down the coast as well as directly out to sea across the wide protective reef line.    Early mornings are often stunning, with the birds waking and the sea quietly lapping as the sun comes up. 

In front of the house, there are French doors to make the most of the position, and to allow a completely open or closed atmosphere in the main reception area.  These doors also give direct access to the 17m, single depth lap pool that nearly abuts the front verandah. 

Gardens and lawns:    Castle House is one of very few on the coast that boasts 'child friendly'  comfortably soft grass lawns, hand sown and carefully manicured over professional landscaping.     During construction, the lawns and gardens were developed and nourished with more than a thousand tons of topsoil and natural fertilizer.     
The mature gardens also benefit form a properly designed and deeply trenched 3” and 2’ pipe irrigation main supply system.      Irrigation water is provided for by way of a wind-pump bringing up about 10 tons a day.

Wrought iron gates, as well as a solidly built stone guardhouse for 24hr privacy protect the heavily pillared gatehouse entrance to the property.     Adjacent to this gatehouse is the staff quarters, comprising kitchen, shower and toilet. There are three bedrooms for full time ‘live-in’ staff. ​